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Great Ireland Run by simx
April 5, 2009, 9:27 pm
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Over 11,000 runners took part this afternoon in Great Ireland Run in Phoenix Park. Suprisingly both men’s and women’s races were won by Portuguese -Rui Pedro Silva and Ana Dulce-Felix.

Great Ireland Run 2009

Great Ireland Run 2009

The weather was perfect for running – not too warm or hot, just enough… of course we were there to experience this amazing event from inside. Atmosphere among amateur athlets was very cheerfull despite almost 30 minutes delay with the start and (as in every race) shortage of toilets…  Everyone was enjoying sun while waiting for the start signal. We’ve finished the run in 51.33 and 52.03 respectively – not too bad for beggining of the season. 😉

Great Ireland Run 2009

Great Ireland Run 2009

C U all in Docklands on 18th May for:
Docklands Fun Run


Food Pyramid and Food Portions by amikax
April 5, 2009, 8:52 pm
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Food Pyramid and food portions

Food Pyramid and food portions

We have already heard about the Food Pyramid and how important it is to follow it. It will help us to stay healthy and will provide all the nutrients we need. And together with some exercise it will not let us get overweight.

Nobody says it is an easy task. We can’t control what we eat all day every day (time limits, financial limits, access to healthy food). But we can try. And even if it’s not 100% perfect it is better than not trying at all. Writing a food diary is an excellent idea and it may help us to understand how we eat now and what we should change.

The most important is to enjoy the food we eat so do not get too stressed when the Pyramid is not perfect. Just make your best. And run, run, run for health, joy and happiness…..

New running season 2009 by amikax
March 1, 2009, 5:40 pm
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Yes, our 2009 running season has officially started. Last Saturday we had our first training run in Phoenix Park and effects of a long break could be felt afterwards… 😉 We run this morning again and it was much better and faster so hopefully we are getting back into shape. And yesterday we have signed for the Bupa Great Ireland Run, which is taking place on Sunday 5th April in Phoenix Park. We have one month to train and hopefully will improve our last year’s results of 53 minutes. We shall see but I’m really happy to be back on track and can already feel the excitement of all great runs we will do this year!!!

Dublin Simon 5 Mile Fun Run by simx

Nearly two thousand people took part yesterday morning in 25th Annual Dublin Simon Fun Run in Phoenix Park, the largest charity organised running event in Ireland.

The 5 mile run started and finished next to Papal Cross with the last ¾ of the course being a real killer for all runners as it was uphill, 😦 quite few fellow runners walked the last meters.

Course map

I run as part of nearly 20 people strong BNY Mellon team as we aimed to raise Euro 2,500 for Dublin Simon Community – charity that works to prevent and address homelessness in Dublin. The weather was ideal for a run, the spirits were up and the run was very enjoyable 😉 Four of us came in under 40 minutes; I finished in approx. 38 minutes, now I’m only waiting for official results.

Warsaw marathon 2008 by simx

We arrived in Warsaw on Friday evening, on a delayed Ryanair flight from Dublin  to face 42km 195 m (or 26 miles 385 yards if you prefer) in 30th Jubilee Flora Warsaw Marathon. We didn’t follow any prerace “carbohydrate diet” on that evening, but went instead for a bottle of Moldavian wine and ate heavy-ish and meaty dish in very nice Balkan restaurant. 😉

Saturday was the registration day, marathon office located in the Warsaw University library building, a short walk from our hostel was already filled with athletes when we got there. After picking up race numbers and “goody bags” (I don’t know why, but even though goody bags are usually full of useless crap and adds I like them 😉 ) we savor the “day before the race” atmosphere for a while – you could nearly feel the excitement in the air! There were many runners and as many reason why they decided to challenge the “royal distance”.  After some shopping at the marathon fair we hit the town 😉 One could easily spot other marathoners all day long by distinguishably awful yellow bag received at the registration.

In the afternoon we visited very touching Warsaw Uprising Museum – a museum dedicated to the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, after which the city was completely destroyed by Nazis. It collects and maintains hundreds of artifacts, ranging from weapons used by the insurgents to love letters, as well as full scale model of B-24 Liberator, in order to present a full picture of the people involved in it. I think it’s a must for everyone visiting Polish capital.

Saturday evening’s meal was full of carbs – we found a nice Italian place and filled ourselves with pasta… I don’t know if it helps, but it definitely doesn’t make any harm… 😉

On Sunday we woke up bright and early to a sunny and chilly, early autumn morning – ideal weather for a run… As always before the race we followed our small routine: bowl of porridge with honey and coffee with milk for breakfast and then “mandatory” trip to toilet . Of course the only people crazy enough to have breakfast at 7am on Sunday morning were fellow runners… so we could exchange last tips.

When we got to the start line next to the Royal Castle the Old Town was already busy with hundreds of runners warming up… local cafes and bars were besieged by people trying to get to the toilets as they were not enough of them provided by the race orginasers… there’s nothing more irritating then waiting in a queue to the loo 10 minutes before the start… Thank God for Coffee Heaven café chain…

And how was the race itself? The course was quite flat, there were no steep uphill except for exit from a tunnel at 41K – a real killer… The marathon began in a carnival atmosphere with performances from the capital’s Police Representative Orchestra; salsa band was warming everybody up with hot Latin rhythms by the Warsaw’s only palm tree in the Charles de Gaulle roundabout, the retro Backyard Folk Band played in Old Town and there were many other bands accompanying us on the way. First 20K was in strict city centre, two laps around old town and the area, so it was very interesting sightseeing wise, but then the nightmare begun (at least for me)… we run nearly 10K almost straight down to have the 30K mark at the most southern part of the route on the map just to run up (no, not up hill but up on the map) for next 12K. I found it extremely difficult mentally, there’s nothing worst for me then long straights were you can see your fellow runners good mile in front of you. We split around 25 K mark, Dominika went faster and finished in amazing 4 hours and 9 minutes, I on the other hand, had to, as always, HIT THE WALL around 32K and didn’t broke it for next  6   p a i n f u l l y    l  o  n  g    and desperate kilometers that I don’t want to remember. I forgot about the pace walked for a while every kilometer, got few cramps in my legs, and short breath. It all magically disappeared four kilometers before finish, got second wind (second, rather fifteenth in my case) and managed to finish in 4 hours and 29 minutes, not great, but not bad for me either! It confirms that the (in)famous wall is mostly in your mind!

Only 3 days to go! by simx
September 25, 2008, 10:08 pm
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There are only 3 days to go to our 3rd marathon! On Friday afternoon we’re flying to Polish capital, Warsaw, to take part in 30th Warsaw Marathon. There’s already a record number of participants on the starting list – more than 3000, comparing to just over 2100 last year. The course runs through the most interesting and most beautiful parts of the city so it promises to be interesting run, you can find course map here.

Organisers promised plenty of music bands on the course, from Warsaw Police Orchestra, through salsa to rock groups! Sounds like an explosive mixture but it really helps on the last 10 – 12 kilometers (if you’re still able to hear and notice surrounding you crowds and are not only focused on your next step 😉 )

I always have my personal prize after each marathon, vision of which helps me to continue on the last kilometers – it was a pint of dark and dense Guinness in Dublin, plate of tasty lasagne in Rome and in Warsaw… I just read on the official Warsaw Marathon website that Wedel – most famous Polish chocolate maker (owned by Cadbury now  – globalisation for you) will have a stand with hot chocolate in the marathon village on Saturday and Sunday. So on Sunday early afternoon (hopefully) I will enjoy a cup … or two of delicious Wedel chocolate 😉 and its image will accompany me all the way on Sunday mmhhhmmm, I can already taste it.

I had last training today – short 30 minutes run at a slow pace and that’s it… next physical activity planned for Sunday!!!

Sunday training by simx
August 31, 2008, 9:58 pm
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We’ve finally signed up for 30th Warsaw Marathon taking place on 28th September, race numbers 2407 & 2408… 😉 In less then a month we’ll be running through the streets of Polish capital city.

So as a part of our marathon training we did approx. 30 km run this afternoon in Phoenix Park. The weather was kind to us as we steadily pounded the streets in the park.

Our typical loop starts in Wellington Road, then up the small hill on the Military Road, down Acres Road (nearly to the gate), uphill Upper Glen Road to Ordnance Road, and then all the way down Chesterfield Avenue, back to the Wellington Rd. One lap has approx 8,5 to 9 km, we looped it 3 times with two very short breaks for a bite of energy bar and a sip of Powerade drink. You can see the map here:,+phoenix+park+dublin&daddr=Upper+Glen+Road,+phoenix+park+dublin+to:53.357672,-6.349239+to:Ordnance+Road,+phoenix+park+dublin+to:Chesterfield+Avenue,+phoenix+park+dublin+to:Wellington+Road,+phoenix+park+dublin&hl=en&geocode=&mra=dpe&mrcr=1&mrsp=2&sz=14&via=2&dirflg=w&sll=53.35673,-6.3292&sspn=0.025921,0.076904&ie=UTF8&ll=53.353497,-6.310701&spn=0.012961,0.038452&z=15

We’ve never had Powerade before, but as it is Official Partner of our next marathon I’m pretty sure it will be handed out on water stations so we needed to try it out. I definitely don’t want any surprises on the day! I have to say it suits me, the taste isn’t to strong but nicely refreshing.

After the last loop we run back home so in total we did something in between 27- 29 km in less then 3 hours. It’s much more difficult to run long distances on training comparing to the event day – no one is cheering you and you need to carry your own supplies…

We finished the training with Subway sandwich, after which we collapsed to bed for a good one hour nap… Another Sunday gone.  😉